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Over the past three years, we’ve really enjoyed bringing harmony to Jolie Studio’s accounts – and it’s been great to give their creative minds the freedom to flourish and grow. Michelle Hill, Director of Operations, explains how and why we joined forces, and what the future looks like with Nabarro Poole by their side.

Prior to me joining Jolie Studio Ltd in 2019, they were a small interior design business with big ambitions. While Co-founder and CEO Franky Rousell had steadily grown the brand since 2017, their accounts lacked clarity, and they had a system that wasn’t necessarily working in the studio’s best interests.

When I discovered unclear numbers, and a lack of transparency within the reporting of the accounts and cash flow, I sought to bring in Nabarro Poole. Having worked with Tyler in previous roles, I was confident that he could bring a fresh financial approach to help Jolie reach its true potential.  

Much-needed clarity

From my past consultancy experience with similar businesses, I’ve seen just how valuable simplified, clear accounting can be to creatives whose time is much better spent honing their craft. As such, demystifying the previous disarray around the numbers was at the top of the agenda.

Franky needed honest guidance on her accounts, with an infrastructure put in place that we could place trust and confidence in. While Tyler certainly brought this to the table, the added value came in his approach to supporting Franky’s personal taxes as a director/owner, as well as bringing harmony to the business’ accounts.  

Managed to perfection

Tyler provided monthly management accounts so that Franky and I could get a true picture of cash flow and profits and losses at a glance. This is now managed efficiently in the background without the need for constant check-ins. And in addition to taking care of payroll and other BAU accounting tasks, Tyler understands and assists with the peaks and troughs in cash flow that are typical in our industry. This foresight throughout the pandemic was refreshing to say the least.

What’s more, the individual support provided to Franky is delivered both on a routine and reactive basis in specific scenarios. This is where Tyler’s experience and willingness to help growing business owners thrive really came through. The balance he finds between supporting directors personally and the wider business is fantastic.

Growing global

Knowing that the numbers are always in a safe set of hands – and being handled with the stability and future of Jolie in mind – meant that Franky was free to develop her interior design and architecture business into what it is today.

When Tyler came on board, we were in the embryonic stages of a growth plan. Since then,  the size of our team has doubled from pre-pandemic numbers – with recent talent being attracted from Soho House in London and some of the country’s award-winning architecture practices. Much of this is down to Franky now being able to spend her creative energy on the brand, with the financial foresight and clarity behind her to evolve the business.

In the next three to five years, we plan to take Jolie Studio global, with the first stop being a new London studio which is now underway. And we’ll be relying on Tyler’s advice and support to help us achieve this. If you’re a growing business, I couldn’t recommend Nabarro Poole highly enough.