Our newest hire, Abdul, tells us how taking up the Accounts Senior role at Nabarro Poole is allowing him to progress and stay current with the accounting industry’s developments.

Tell us about your role at Nabarro Poole

Although I’m still in the early stages of my role and going through the learning process, a lot of my responsibilities involve supporting our new clients. I deal with their queries regarding a diverse range of accounting matters, like bookkeeping or tax planning, to help their business propel forwards.

Mostly this is via email and over the phone, but I occasionally meet with them in-person too.

How did you get into accounting?

I’ve always enjoyed numbers and solving problems. A career in accounting was a particularly appealing option because I knew it would allow me to learn on an ongoing basis – there is always room for improvement. It’s the perfect occupation for professional progress.

I took an apprentice in accounting, and over the last four years I have developed my knowledge and skills. I’ve also recently completed my AAT, and am now undertaking my ACCA so that I can qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

What does your average day involve?

My day-to-day responsibilities include preparing VAT returns, year-end and management of accounts.

Software is key in these tasks. In previous roles the main tools I used included Microsoft Excel and paper, so I am transitioning over to the digital world. I think it’s a lot better – there’s less risk of mistakes, and it guarantees information is always up to date.

What do you like best about working at Nabarro Poole?

I don’t know everything in my role, and if I did, it wouldn’t be the challenge I need. I think the fact that there is constant learning is the best thing – it’s great to be able to say that I literally do learn something new every day!

What do you enjoy doing outside the office?

Training to be an accountant is intensive work – there’s a lot of extra-curricular study involved, but when I do have spare time I enjoy socialising with friends, as well as going to the gym and playing football.

Like our Director Tyler, I enjoy seeing football live too – though I’m a Manchester United fan rather than a Manchester City supporter! I actually did some hospitality work at MUFC’s grounds a while back – it was great, I got to watch the matches for free!

How do you expect future changes in accounting to impact your role?

Technology is going to continue to become an even more integral part of our industry. As we’re already using software, we’re ahead of what the government wants. Nabarro Poole will need to keep up to date as legislation is amended.

We’ll be attending the necessary seminars and ensuring we’re progressing with the accounting industry’s digitalisation.