Our Director Tyler gives us an insight into how his move to the UK led to a role and profession he loves…

Tell us about your role at Nabarro Poole

Whilst I still carry out a lot of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work like preparing accounts and cash flow forecasting, the most important part of my role is servicing the link between our work and the client.

I meet with our clients multiple times throughout the year, and chat with them about what’s happening in their business as well as any changes that will impact them. We discuss both their worries and potential opportunities, before offering proactive and valuable advice.

How did you get into accounting?

After moving to the UK in 2004, my first job was as a bookkeeper. I really wanted to work in finance, so for two and a half years I gave up my weekends and evenings to study for an ACCA qualification from home. Teaching myself to be an accountant was really hard, but it’s something I’m incredibly proud of – I passed all my exams first time!

Then I joined Nabarro Poole and worked my way up from bookkeeper to accountant to business owner and director.

What does your average day involve?

Relationships with clients are crucial, so every day I interact with them in one way or another. Although a lot of the communication is often carried out over email, face-to-face meetings are a large part of what I do. You can’t beat that human touch. Lots of accountants just sit in their office carrying out the work, but at Nabarro Poole we provide more than that.

Each day, I’ll also spend time performing the backbone of our services. And this leads to further client interaction – we need to make sure they’re happy with the work.

What do you like best about working at Nabarro Poole?

Genuinely, what makes Nabarro Poole a great place to work is the people. The team here are fantastic – we all help each other and have shared interests. Everyone is friendly, so the atmosphere is fantastic.

It’s great that our office is local to my home too – it means I can bring my dog in!

What do you enjoy doing outside the office?

Over the last year, I’ve become a lot more invested in seeing live events, particularly music gigs. I also really enjoy watching horse racing, and I support Manchester City Football Club as much as possible.

I’ve set myself a challenge for 2019: watch 36 live sport and music events. At the close of February, I was very much ahead at 10, but I know this will slow down from summer. I’ve got a really nice deck area at home – it’s difficult to lure me away from it when it’s sunny!

How do you expect future changes in accounting to impact your role?

Making Tax Digital is probably the biggest change in the industry since I’ve been involved in it, and technology in accounting is going to continue to revolutionise the sector.

That’s why Nabarro Poole are adopting new tools that will help us keep ahead of the game. We’re open to the change. We understand the need to carry on learning – employing the most up-to-date technology allows us to provide the best service to our clients.