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Since jumping on board, we’ve had the pleasure of watching Surge Building Services transform spaces across the UK with their outstanding mechanical and electrical contracting services – and grow their business as a result. Here, Managing Director James Slevin tells it from the beginning, explaining how things changed when Nabarro Poole got involved…

I launched Surge in July 2017 all by myself. When it came to finances, I was like a fish out of water – so somebody put me in touch with an accountant who I used for the first 12 months of my journey. But it was far from the service I needed. Crucial procedures like VAT Returns and CIS payments on labour were always running behind, resulting in constant doubt over what I was supposed to be paying and when. Safe to say, it was not how I envisaged my first year in business to be.

Thankfully, things changed when I attended an event run by BNI, a business networking and referral organisation. I kept hearing from other attendees about Nabarro Poole and what they were capable of. As it happened, Tyler was there to chat to, and he quickly made me realise I was missing out on a much better service – for about the same cost as my current provider.

Forward-thinking change

Following BNI, Tyler soon got the gist of what Surge was lacking, and what needed to change. He identified that my current service was working in the past, presenting old figures that I already knew about. It became clear that this wasn’t only making work difficult, but it was stunting Surge’s growth too.

Tyler’s answer was to swap the past for the future. He explained that even delivering figures on time wasn’t enough, highlighting the importance of anticipation – unlocking the potential of my business in a way I hadn’t imagined. He also advised us to change accountancy software to a product that would work seamlessly with Nabarro Poole’s services and be far easier to use.

Realised growth

Since the switch to Nabarro Poole, I’ve been able to really put the wheels on Surge. Tyler and the team knew exactly how to help me achieve better processes with a forward-thinking approach to accounting. Amazingly, what seemed like a eureka moment for me was second nature for them.

Having management accounts with a transparent vision meant overheads, turnover and quarterly management were much clearer – enabling us to make better decisions when it came to hiring staff, and strengthening our commitment to long-term business plans.

As a self-funded new business, growth in the first few years was paramount. So the future clarity that Tyler gave was really helpful. I was realising benefits from things that hadn’t even taken place yet, with great boosts to the business.

Future-proofed finances

From the moment we started engaging Nabarro Poole, their service has been flawless. I know I can pick up the phone anytime with a query, and Tyler will have the knowledge I need. He’s never hesitated to approach me on a human level about figures, which often gives me valuable food for thought.

The team’s above-and-beyond approach to financial advice is really comforting – I can rest easy knowing our numbers are in the safest of hands. And the best bit is, they’ve never had to drastically adapt their service because their actions have always been entirely based on foresight.

I highly recommend Nabarro Poole to anyone looking for a transformative change with a personable accountant who puts the needs of your business first.