Olympic Press are experts in print and design services. As such, they felt their accounts needed to reflect the forward-thinking nature of their offering. Since reaching out to Nabarro Poole, their internal systems have vastly improved, and their financial team has grown. But perhaps more impressively, they navigated through the pandemic and continue to be a benchmark for the industry. We asked Director Chip Gray to explain our partnership together…

My mother was initially the Financial Director of Olympic Press, and she had been for 25 years. In that time, she always used Sage Accounting. Once she retired, I had a choice: continue according to her processes or embrace new technologies. This was an especially difficult decision as I planned to take over her role.

It was at this stage that I contacted Nabarro Poole. I was struggling with Sage, which I found to be clunky and inflexible. It had to be used at a set location, for example, preventing me from working from home or remotely. We also didn’t have the kind of relationship with our accountants where we could solicit ad hoc advice.

Tyler at Nabarro Poole resolved this by switching us to Xero. Immediately, we had an easier time accessing our accounts thanks to the cloud-based software’s user-friendly interface. This meant I could work from anywhere and make a start on modernising our accounts.

Always available

The relationship with our former accountants was very traditional. The way they handled our financial affairs was almost transactional, and it didn’t feel like we were necessarily moving forward. Tyler, on the other hand? Well, his door was always open.

At points, Tyler acts like more of an extension of the business than an accountant. I was new to the role of FD and he was helping us bring in a series of new processes and procedures. The knowledge and experience he brought, as well as the time he dedicated to our company, was invaluable.

Gradually, we brought our business to the 21st century and strengthened our infrastructure. But that couldn’t prepare us for what came next.

Bigger-picture support

COVID-19 was a struggle. Obviously it was entirely unprecedented – like many other people, words like ‘furlough’ were completely unfamiliar to me. Tyler helped immensely, not just with the financial side but also with genuine business support.

We had to make some tough decisions, as well as get our heads around the government guidelines. And as a new FD, you need some reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. Tyler provided that reassurance for me. Naturally, he didn’t make the business decisions on my behalf, but he helped paint a bigger picture where Nabarro Poole could figure out a way to move forward. As a result, we now consider him more of a financial partner than our accountant.

If you’re looking to modernise your business, or are just in need of comprehensive support, I couldn’t recommend Nabarro Poole enough. Their team is always happy to help and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to delivering on your business goals.

To discuss how we can support your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.