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We welcomed Mighty Giant on board in spring 2022. Although we’re only just getting started, it’s been a successful journey so far. Their Founder and Creative Director, Jonathan Ashworth, explains why he began working with Nabarro Poole and how we’re helping to deliver his vision.

As a motion designer with a background in freelancing and some work for the BBC, I moved to Manchester in 2012 – with Mighty Giant in tow.

Mighty Giant is a boutique animation and 3D visual company that works with aspirational and forward-thinking brands to deliver effective end products. Like many businesses hit by the pandemic, we faced our share of difficulties but have since achieved steady and organic growth.

Embarking on the next stage of our development, we decided it was the right time to enlist a fresh pair of eyes to oversee Mighty Giant’s accounts. We started working with Nabarro Poole in the spring of 2022 after another Manchester agency sang Tyler’s praises.

Teaming up with Nabarro Poole  

Mighty Giant needed financial maturity. Revenue growth and staff costs necessitated a more grown-up budgeting and forecasting approach. And Nabarro Poole could provide that much-needed support.

Initially, Tyler reviewed our budgets and projected cash flow, but as our work is mostly project based, there were few patterns to note. That said, Tyler identified that the more long-term projects required more focus, as well as looking ahead to work owed at the month’s end. We already had Xero in place, enabling Nabarro Poole to help us transition smoothly without noticeable change.

Personable communication

Nabarro Poole sets itself apart from the crowd with faultless communication, and Tyler was always available for any questions. This direct, one-to-one relationship enabled a streamlined process.

We also receive necessary reminders and have quarterly meet-ups to keep everyone in the loop. Every form of contact is friendly and professional, allowing a natural and productive working relationship.

Visualising the future

Although we’ve not yet completed our first year with Nabarro Poole, Mighty Giant has already started to reap the rewards and plan ahead.

We’re on the right track to exceed our ambitious goals and targets; working with Nabarro Poole has enabled a more confident understanding of our true financial position, meaning improved spending and returns. We’re also forecasting better than ever, visualising different scenarios for the future of Mighty Giant.

All in all, Tyler is brilliant to work with. He’s laid back but passionate about his trade and determined to achieve what he can for your business. I would recommend Nabarro Poole to anyone.

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