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‘Going it alone’ is something you’ll know a thing or two about as a small business owner. But as your pride and joy grows, so do your responsibilities – particularly in the financial field. Increasing workloads, complex financial documents and new legal requirements can weigh heavy on your shoulders as you scramble to stay on top of the rest of your business.

Sometimes it’s okay – and often the best option – to ask for help in the form of a professional accountant. Here’s four signs that this applies to you.

1. You find compliance difficult

Staying on point with legislation, regulations and changing protocols can be really challenging. As your business evolves, adjusting the way you document finances can be tough and time-consuming. Unfortunately, there’s little to no room for error here, with hefty fines following any mistakes you might make.

Professional accountants are trained around government policy and can get you on the right side of compliance. They’ll help you avoid damaging penalties while even identifying any rules or schemes that could actually work in your favour.

2. You’re overwhelmed with workloads and account management

More employees and more clients can make managing your accounts an increasingly arduous task, especially when there’s more at stake. This, along with other piling responsibilities, can multiply your workload – potentially leading to stress and mistakes.

By not only introducing you to the right software but guiding you on the most efficient ways to use it, professional accountants can provide the winning formula. Their expertise can bring simplicity to your management accounts, simultaneously saving you valuable time and effort that can be redirected to the rest of your business.

3. You’re unsure if you’ve filed taxes or reported finances properly

As a business owner, you’ve got your own taxes as well as those of your employees to get right. In tax season especially, this can be a minefield for costly mistakes. Juggling this with detailed financial reports often causes strain on the small business owner.

Sound familiar? You’re certainly not on your own, and many reap the rewards from handing the baton to an outsourced accountant. They’ll ensure your taxes and reports are watertight and accurate, getting your business ahead of the game while avoiding penalties.

4. You struggle to understand financial statements

Financial and legal jargon can be confusing at the best of times, never mind as your business grows. Increasingly complex financial statements may tempt you to unintentionally skim over crucial information.

A professional accountant can not only decipher this information, but use it to provide expert advice on actions to take. They’ll help you understand what’s important to you, as well as give their insights into how the statement reflects business performance.

Seek the help of a professional with Nabarro Poole

Tired of playing catch up? It’s time to onboard a professional accountant. Nabarro Poole are delighted to have welcomed several growing businesses over the last 12 months, including Tayt Textile & Home Design, Hair by Lucie Herod Ltd and Henry’s Cafe. We offer a range of bespoke services with the technical expertise and targeted advice to keep your business boosted.

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