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Through a troublesome combination of pandemic recovery and Brexit, 2021 threw many businesses’ finances into disarray. To weather the storm, your own accounting methods may have been chopped, changed and left slightly scattershot.

As ever, the start of the new year offers the perfect opportunity to consider the best route forward. Try adopting these resolutions to start 2022 right and put growth back in your sights.

1. Embrace cloud accounting

For many businesses, the remote working revolution is here to stay. To find a happy medium, most have adopted a hybrid approach in an attempt to attract and retain more employees. This is where cloud accounting becomes utterly invaluable.

Being able to access your systems anywhere, at any time, allows your team to work from multiple different locations without limiting their capabilities. In fact, cloud accounting has actually been shown to save valuable business time, improve efficiency and make roles easier – remote working or not. The creation of workflows, heightened communication and better project management are just a few of the additional benefits.

2. Automate repetitive tasks

Looking for another highly effective time- and labour-saving tool? Look no further than automation. Transferring intensive, manual tasks – such as invoices, expense reports and payroll – to computer-based technology will minimise errors, eradicate confusion and boost efficiency.

In the meantime, the human labour that would previously have been called upon to complete such tasks can be better spent elsewhere. This includes analysing data in order to further optimise processes and make wider strides towards overall business growth. Why not go one step further on your path to digitalisation and evolve your automation with AI?

3. Plan for volatility

Progressing a business is rarely plain sailing. But after the recent impact of external factors, being proactive instead of reactive is undoubtedly the way forward. In fact, preparing for volatility is an intuitive tactic that could see you edge the competition and thrive through change.

Of course, planning for events that haven’t yet occurred is easier said than done. But with the additional resources made available through the cloud and automation, more time and money can be spent on strategy-building, business intelligence and data analysis – particularly when it comes to your accounting.

4. Outsource accounting services

Employing advisory and management account services through outsourcing could be the key to gaining such vital intuition. In addition, professional accountants often adopt the latest trends like cloud accounting and automation to help you maximise your potential.

As well as gaining access to a whole host of game-changing solutions, businesses who choose this route can save crucial employment costs on in-house payroll, tax, salary and expense services. With the additional benefit of having your financial operations analysed and optimised for the future, outsourcing is the preferred route for many businesses today.

Evolve with Nabarro Poole

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