Brexit uncertainty is causing fear of a staff shortage in the hospitality sector. With high dependency on workers from outside the UK’s borders, business owners are now looking at alternative methods for sourcing suitable team members in an unknown future.

In this article, we look at how these issues can be avoided.

Take advantage of the apps available

You may have already tried the traditional avenues for finding staff, but much like the hospitality service model, recruitment is going digital. And, this doesn’t just mean posting job vacancies on your social media channels. Dedicated talent sourcing apps are surfacing, and candidates are turning to them as the easier way to be matched with fitting positions.

Some of these applications are specific to the sector, meaning businesses can be sure that they will draw in team members who are not only interested but have the appropriate skillset. Some are even devoted to a common type of employment in the industry: temporary working. Using this new method of recruitment will allow the process to be much more efficient.

Ensure appeal to millennials

It’s a particularly good idea to maximise on these apps because interim working suits those in the younger aged markets. However, millennials don’t often see a career in hospitality as a long-term option. Therefore, it’s important to highlight a clear career path and potential. For example, you could create an internship programme, or provide opportunities where continuous personal development is a key part of the role.

There is also the apprenticeship initiative. These not only give the applicants assurance that there is a career structure and potentially allow them to gain a qualification, but your business will be able to benefit from the apprenticeship levy too.

Provide a higher starting pay

One reason that many people are often not attracted to working in the hospitality sector is because it’s traditionally viewed as a low-pay industry compared to others. Therefore, you can entice potential candidates by offering a higher starting wage. It will be easier for prospective employees to see themselves having a long-term future in your business if the pay is better, as well as know they can financially support themselves as their career develops.

If you decide to use this method for reducing the likelihood of a staff shortage in your business, then it will change your payslips, along with other aspects of your finances. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that your payroll and accounting processes are effectively sorted before you take action.

You can guarantee this by utilising the services of an expert accountant. Nabarro Poole are ideal. Our specialist experience in the industry allows us to provide bespoke services such as payroll, management accounts, budgeting and tax planning. And our solutions are cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about Making Tax Digital either.

To ensure immaculate finances as the hospitality sector is transformed, get in touch via our contact form.